Board and Staff

  • Board of Directors

  • Board President: Diane Gumaer
  • Board Vice-President: Doreen Gallien
  • Board Treasurer/Secretary: Ann Dorr
  • Tom Campbell
  • Tom Dillon, Jr.
  • Nicole Guertin
  • Janice Herlihy
  • Mary Fernsebner
  • Mary Siano

  • Leadership Team

  • Executive Director: Lynne Marie Bielecki
  • Director of Adult Services: Brian Ross
  • Director of Family & Youth Services: Sue Jones
  • Controller: Michelle Collings
  • Development & Events Coordinator: Saera Hanlon
  • Director of Communications: Willow Ross
  • Human Resources Manager: John Borgatti

Valuing, respecting, including and recognizing the contributions of our citizens with disabilities.