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Individual Services

DDS/DESE Services

Collaboration between the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Developmental Services

DESE/DDS services are designed to prevent residential placement of a child under 18 with extensive care needs due to a significant disabling condition. DESE/DDS participant children/families are prioritized and designated by DDS to participate in the program.

Families receiving DESE/DDS services develop a Family Plan and budget approved by the DDS Children & Transition Coordinator. Typically families receive longer-term intensive levels of support and case management from a Family Support Specialist. Once accepted into the program services may continue through the child's 22nd birthday.Services may include any of the support options available through the Family Centers. Many families use a portion of funding for direct support to augment PCA services.

Agency with Choice Service

Agency with Choice services provides supports to adults and their families wishing to participate in self-determination and exercise authority over the design, schedule and staffing of support services. The United Arc, as an Agency with Choice, agrees to hired qualified staff to provide an individual/family with direct supports, through a co-employment model. The United Arc is the employer of record. The individual/family is the managing employer, responsible for the selection and daily supervision of staff. Typical services include individualized home support, respite, individualized day support, and companionship. Many adults chose the Agency with Choice model of service in lieu of a traditional day or work program.

Individualized Services

Adults prioritized by DDS may receive individualized direct support for enhanced social/recreational opportunities, independent living skills training, augmented home-based support or in lieu of a more traditional day or work program. Current services are provided under models of Adult Companionship or Individual Home Support. The number of hours of service, service goals and activities are determined through the Individual Support Plan.

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