Youth Transition

The Youth Transition Program

Can Help

If you are 16 and older

  • And struggling to stay in high school but want that degree
  • Want to leave school and get your GED
  • Hoping to go to college or vocational school
  • Want to get your driver’s permit and license
  • Seeking a job or volunteer experience to build your resume
  • Seeking more social activities
  • Need help understanding and applying for benefits
  • Seeking changes in your living situation
  • Need help managing money
  • Want someone to help you plan for the future

If you are under 16

  • Need support to stay in school  and keep your grades up
  • Seeking after school activities
  • Want to explore new interests
  • Need a little extra support around hygiene, grooming and basic life skills
  • Want help in connecting to community resources

We are offering sponsorship opportunities on the following levels:

Platinum - $10,000

Gold - $5,000

Silver - $2,500

Family - $1,000

Sponsor - $500

Friend of The United Arc - $250


We are thankful to all our sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Family Sponsors


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