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Adult Services: Residential Group Homes

Residential Group Homes24-hour support

We strive to assist individuals to live as independently as possible, supporting the people we serve to make choices about their lives whenever possible. Services are highly personalized, flexible, and responsive, based on each individual's needs and preferences. Supports focus on effectively recognizing and promoting each individual's autonomy and independence. The Individual Home Supports staff pride themselves on their abilities to be highly customized and responsive to the changing needs and preferences of each individual we serve.

The United Arc offers group residential supports to adults who need 24 hour support at all stages and conditions of life. We are proud to support positive relationships, community membership, respect, and dignity. Individualized person-centered plans and services empower each person to be avidly involved in making decisions about their schedules, community involvements and relationships.

Vision of Home Life

The Arc supports individual choice, self-expression, and enhanced independence while fostering and promoting positive relationships, personal growth, and expansion of skills and experience. Home is an essential part of a quality life. One's home is both a place of refuge and the grounding point for exploring the world, building relationships, and discovering one's gifts and potential. Key aspects of our vision of home are:

  • Living environments and supports that reflect one's preferences and identity
  • Supports foster opportunities for choice and control
  • Home and home life support one's culture, ethnicity, chosen lifestyle, affiliations and activities
  • Security and continuity, a place to hold ritual and tradition, joy and sorrow, a place to be valued and fully accepted; a safe context in which to take risks and assume responsibility
  • A place of celebration and support for full expression and exploration of one's capacities, gifts, and talents
  • Connection to others, providing opportunities for developing, sustaining and strengthening freely given relationships
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There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.
-- Sharron Angle

Valuing, respecting, including and recognizing the contributions of our citizens with disabilities.