Programs and Services of The United Arc

Individual Home Supports

Personalized services to support individuals living at home or independently in the community that promote continued independence, achievement of personal goals and inclusion in community activities.

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Support Services

The United Arc provides a flexible array of services for families that care for or include a family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities .

  • Funded through The Department of Developmental Disabilities with additional funding from Bete Foundation.
  • Support Services Centers Provide an array of supports are available to families caring for a family member who meets eligibility criteria with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).
  • Primary supports offered are service navigation, support in how to obtain services, information and referral, family trainings and support groups, community connections, social / recreational opportunities, educational and service advocacy.
  • Families prioritized by DDS may also be able to access short-term financial assistance to pay for goods and services that benefit the individual with a disability.
  • Additional supports include AWC/DESE and Intensive Flexible Family Support Services (IFFS).


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Positive Parenting

The United Arc Positive Parenting Program is dedicated to building the capacity of families headed by a parent living with an intellectual disability and/or an executive functioning challenge.  Funding provided by Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Additional funding from, The United Way, Lifepath, Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Children’s Trust, and Services include:

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Youth Transition

The Youth Transition Program services provides transitional services by referral from The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.  The program provides older teens and young adults support in gaining the skills and resources necessary to become independent. It also provides mentoring support to younger teens. Staff support youth in many areas, including making social connections, obtaining their license, college applications, learning job skills, and referrals for therapy and other appropriate services.

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Grandparent and Kinship Care Resource Center

The United Arc offers resources and support to grandparents raising their grandchildren as well as other relatives raising a family member.

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Self Advocacy Clubs

The United Arc sponsors self-advocacy groups which offer peer support, leadership development, social events and learning opportunities for adults with intellectual or other developmental disabilities.

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